Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Big Babies

So our new ward has more new babies than our BYU ward.  I don't know the number, but I've heard it's a ridiculous amount of new babies.  So we fit right in :)  I've also heard a rumor that the baby boys here have been large sized baby boys.  So jokingly people have warned me to prepare for a big baby.  Steve and I aren't big people, so I planned on a small little guy.  Well...I went to Washington Hosptial Center yesterday and met with my new OB doctor and also the Perinatalogist (2 of the 3 doctors I get to see twice a month--the other a fetal cardiologist) and they both said, "Wow...you've got yourself a good sized baby."  His development measures at 30 weeks and 6 days, but he's the size of a 33 wk/ 4 day baby.  They said he's about 4lbs 7oz and the growth from here is usually 1/2 lb per week...that makes him 9lbs something at his due date...yikes!   

They also told us that they'll probably want to induce so it's easier to get all the doctors together.  Since his heart issue needs to be taken care of almost immediately after birth, they want all the special people there.  How nice...I get to plan it ;)  So sometime between October 26 and November 2.  So as time gets closer we'll plan it all out. 

As for his heart, it's doing well!  I don't meet with the cardiologist for another 2 weeks and she's got details, but the perinatalogist said the left side seems to be gaining strength!  That's good!  So thank you everyone for your prayers and support!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

My GW Lawyer man

Steve started school and really likes it so far.  
I had to take a first day of school picture!

Yes, I know, so very handsome :)
And not only handsome but totally awesome!  He arrived several days before me and when I got here these were here for me.  I love this guy! (Don't mind the messy table...Steve had it cleaned off when I got here)

Virginia I love you

Steve and I were out shopping the other day and saw a space open.  I said something like, "Pretty sure that's a handicap parking spot."  Lo and behold, this is what it says:

I've seen these signs in several different places around here.  How nice...I get good parking :)  
Lesson to us all: if you want good parking, get pregnant or bring a young child.  

Proof that I'm pregnant

Well, I haven't been one of those pregnant ladies that posts a new picture every week so you can see my growing tummy....  But here's an updated picture for those of you that I haven't seen for a while.  I am now unmistakably a mother to be at 30 weeks (according to pregnology.com, I have 69 days left until our sweet little man comes!)

Might I just add that I'm taking these pictures while Steve is at school.  I think my neighbor saw me because our window was wide open.  I'm slightly embarrassed--she might think I'm one of those people that takes pictures of themselves all day....

Another thing to add is that the background is, yes, our new apartment.  We haven't hung anything on the walls yet...but as you can see, the closet is full, we have some lamps, and the left corner shows part of a chair that belongs to our first table!  Thank you Craigslist!  We got a table and 4 chairs for $50 and they are perfect!  We've been married 10 months and finally have a real place to eat meals!  I'm going to make something good tonight just so I can set the table :)

My first earthquake

So I was shopping at this super cool thrift store I found called "Unique".  It's really cool.  All of a sudden people started screaming and the ground started shaking.  I have no idea why I didn't think there was an earthquake, I was just surprised and confused.  Then plates and vases started falling off the shelves.  People started running toward the exit.  I seriously thought someone was shooting.  So I just followed everyone and ran outside.  As I stood there with everyone, it occurred to me, "That was an earthquake!"  Why I didn't think that when my feet were wobbling on the ground, I don't know.  So, it was some excitement added to my day.

Steve was in class and his professor is I guess hard of hearing and thought it was someone's phone.  So he made a goofy comment like, "If it's for me, tell them I'm teaching"  and went on with the lecture.  Then the rumbling started and they were all evacuated.  He must be really hard of hearing if he thought that was a cell phone, vibrating the entire building :)  We're glad nothing too big happened and now we've got a good story to tell :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Heart update

Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake referred us to Children's National Medical Center and I went for another fetal heart echocardiogram last Friday.  The doctors there were incredibly kind and helpful.  Steve had orientation for starting law school, so I had to go alone.  I got completely lost in DC on my way there, so I went in already a bit shaken up.  They made me feel comfortable and we feel blessed to work with good people.  

The update is actually not much of an update--pretty similar to the last heart echo results.  His heart continues to grow, which is good :)  But the left side continues to grow at a slower rate than the right side, so comparatively it's getting smaller.  Our little baby will still need the surgery to fix his narrow aorta, but the doctor that although the left side isn't the ideal size, it's big enough to avoid that intense surgery.  If the left side continues to get smaller they will do a surgery that works with the right side so he doesn't even use his left side of the heart.  It's fascinating that they can do that!  The doctor said at this point he doesn't think that surgery will need to be done (which is good) but there is still a chance.  So, the plan is to continue praying and fasting for the same thing--that his left side and his valves will catch up in size.  We are grateful that they are keeping up enough.  The last doctor was a little nervous that they wouldn't grow at all.  Although it's not perfectly to size, it's a miracle and a result of faith from family and friends that his heart is doing well.  

I go back to Children's National in a month for another heart echo and they will follow his progress until he's born.  The doctors we'll be working with are top in the nation and that's comforting :)  Thanks everyone for your prayers! He's definitely an active little guy inside of me.  I really feel that he's a special baby boy and the Lord will bless him and us.  

Saturday, August 20, 2011

No longer homeless

We moved from Provo 4 weeks ago and have been all over the place!
Our first stop was Idaho Falls for Jon and Nicole's wedding.  It was beautiful! They are most definitely in love and we're excited for Nicole to be part of our crazy family :)
From there we headed down to Mesa to spend an awesome week with the Merrills.  We had a great time.  Mel and Wilford also met us down there and we were able to have a week of relaxing and playing hard.  We played lots of ping pong, lots of quirkle, swimming, Harry Potter reading, and visiting with cousins and aunts and uncles.  I married into an incredible family :)

Cutting the stone...notice the pretty wall back there :)

The week after that we flew up to Richland to spend some time with the Burrups.  Jon's open house was that Saturday and my parents were brave enough to do a backyard reception.  We have this wall that we've wanted to put rocks on...well it turned out to be a HUGE project.  We worked outside all day for several days and the wall looks BEAUTIFUL!  It was a lot of work, but I enjoyed learning how to do it!  Dad took us water skiing one morning too, and Steve got up on skis and is quite brave for a beginner :)  I was happy Dad let me go, even though I was pregnant :)  We had a great time with them and are grateful for such a wonderful family.
Hot, but happy and Steve got creative in avoiding a sunburn.
We worked until after dark and even Grandpa Burrup came and helped.

The following week Steve flew back to Mesa and spent a couple days with his family and then headed on the long drive to Virginia with Dad Merrill. I think they had a great time chatting and being with each other.  We are grateful for him taking time off to be with Steve.  While my good husband was driving across the country, I went to a Burrup family reunion in Yellowstone.  It was really fun to be with my cousins and aunts and uncles and especially my parents and Laurel and Christian.  We stayed at this cabin resort place seriously out in the middle of nowhere.  45 minutes of driving on a dirt/gravel road to get there.  It was alongside a lake and we enjoyed canoeing, fishing, frisbee, volleyball, and 2 days of yellowstone.  It was super fun.

So Steve arrived safely and did a fabulous job putting the house together.  I met up with him Wednesday night and am excited about being here with him.  A week and a half is a long time to be away from your favorite person! We are excited and anxious to get completely settled it.  Pictures of the new place will be coming soon :)