Monday, June 18, 2012


It's been a while now hasn't it? As an update, we made it to Arizona and we are loving it!  I did forget the charger for our camera, which is a bummer, but good thing I got a snazzy phone for Christmas and it takes good pictures :)  But I am not the best at taking pictures of anything, except Nate. comes a long list of pictures, mostly of Nate.  But before we look at those, I'll tell you all how life is here.  It's great.  It's kinda hot.  The first week was wonderful, I was wondering why all Arizona people said it was hot because it felt just like July in Richland or Provo...but it was a cool week.  And the last few days have been proving the heat of Arizona and it's only just begun :)  But you know, I kind of like it! 
Steve is loving his job.  He's learning quickly and really likes all the people in the office. He got new shoes for Father's Day and I must say he looks very Attorney-ish.  Nate and I have been hanging out at home and enjoying hanging out with Emily, Mike, Jenni, and Mom Merrill. What wonderful people. We're having a good time together.  

Here are the pictures:

 We had an open seat next to on the airplane, which was a tender mercy, and Nate absolutely loved sitting in a big person chair.

 Cute right?!  Jenni got her wisdom teeth out and I loved the icing method :)

 Nate is loving all his new toys for the summer! 

 He has a love-hate relationship with his crib.  One day we had a little photo shoot and I thought the pictures were cute.

 He loves going over, under, and through things.

 Wahoo, he's eating crackers!

 Wild ride at the store

 Sitting in Grandpa's chair

His hair is getting long :)  I think he looks like a troll, all he needs is a little jewel on his belly button. 

The hate part of his love-hate crib relationship comes around 4am when he wants to get into bed with us. 

The boys 

With Aunt Jenni

He LOVES Jenni, Mike, Em, and his Grandma and Grandpa.  They are spoiling him with attention and he's eatin' it up! :)