Thursday, August 30, 2012

Since we've been back

Life has treated us great since we've been back in Virginia.  We've had fun and it's nice to be home.  Since we've been back, this little boy thinks he owns the place and is boss:

He loves opening things, emptying them, and then climbing in:

We finally got a high chair and he loves it :)  His favorite foods include cherry tomatoes, strawberries, bananas, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and anything sugary.

He's got a whoppin' 7 teeth and LOVES showing them off with his cheeser smile:

And listen to this awesome giggle

And just one more high chair video:

For Steve's birthday, I got him a keyboard (awesome purchase from CraigsList) and I'm not sure who enjoys it more :)  

We also went to the spy museum, which was totally cool, and it was another awesome purchase.  Let me tell you the story.  It's normally $20 a person.  It was on groupon for $10 a person.  I got an email from groupon saying "You haven't purchased a groupon in a while, here's $15."  Cool.  So we got in for super cheap :)

We also went to the art museum and this was the view coming out.  I thought it looked cool and made me think, "Wow, we live in an awesome place"

We celebrated Steve's birthday with Dave and Nikki and their girls.  I made a peanut butter cake and I gotta say it was pretty good.

I've committed to be a diligent play group goer.  I went last week and had a good time. So did Nate.  He sometimes loves the swings and sometimes freaks out. This time, he liked it!

We went to a ward service project and picked corn for Food for Others.  It was quite the adventure.  Corn is probably the funnest thing I've ever harvested :) Plus it was fun to hang out with people from the ward.

Steve is now back in school and we're getting back into the routine of things.  I love that we get to start the new year twice (once in January, and once in August with the school year) So we've set some new goals and I'm excited to see what this next year brings for us.  I have a feeling it'll be a super exciting year ;)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A blissful moment

Last night we went for a little walk to the playground.  After playing on the big toy for 10 minutes, we headed back.  Nate, however, was not ready to go home.  So sat I sat down on the grass and watched as my boys looked at the tree, walked over to the shiny car, pointed at the doggy, and all those completely exciting things to a 10 month old.  It was simple, but as I watched them, I thought how happy I was and realized that's why the gospel is all about families.  Whether we have a family of 10 children or a family of just husband and wife, it's those little moments of being together that make me OH SO HAPPY.  I've mentioned this mormon message before, but I just love it so much.  It's President Uchtdorf's "Moments that Matter Most" You can watch it again if you want NEVER gets old.


But it was a moment like this video shows: The couple dancing in the kitchen, the baby taking a step towards his dad, the mom playing in rain with her kids.  It was such a simple evening, but a meaningful one for me.  I love my boys.

Friday, August 24, 2012

In between AZ and DC = UT, WA, and Chicago

Well we had to use every bit of our summer for playing, so when the the time came for me to leave Arizona, I, of course, couldn't go back east without seeing my dear Utah and Washington States.  But before I get into that I want to tell you about my brilliant husband.  He went to Chicago for an interview program specially planned for potential patent guys.  Firms from all over the country go to interview these guys.  Steve had 16 scheduled interviews in 2 days.  Pretty good, eh?  So while he was in Chicago eating deep dish pizza and talking law stuff with really smart people, I went to Utah for a Tingey family reunion.  I totally should have sent the camera with Steve, but I failed.  So we have to use our imagination to relive his Chicago adventure.  But as for Utah...I had a camera and so I took lots of pictures.  And as you know, I like to tell our history with pictures (sorry if you already saw all of these on Facebook):

Tingey Reunion:

Boondocks!  That place ROCKS!  I loved every bit of it.  And Nate had a kick out of this particular ride.  It bumped and turned and wiggled as if you were on an airplane, or a roller coaster, or a race track.  It was pretty fun.  We had limited tokens, hence the 5 people enjoying the ride at a time :)

Go-Karts were a favorite.  We rode those things over and over and over again.  

Each family planned a minute-to-win-it game and it was a blast. 

These 2 were the best at all the games.

Sadly, I don't have any pictures of the throw the darts at the balloons game.  I happened to make it to the finals in that game, which I lost, but I was still proud of my dart throwing skills.

We ended the reunion with a trip to Lagoon.  It was a fun day.  I think one of my favorite parts was seeing my mom and dad all giddy about roller coasters.  I my dad grab my mom's hand and run off to the roller coaster.  Cute, right? 

This little man loved the park

Especially the carousel.  
Funny story about the carousel: Nicole was nice enough to stay back and ride it with us.  So she hopped on this lovely horse and the guy came around and asked her to put the belt on.  Haha, I laughed out loud when he said that because I thought he was joking.  Nope, he was seriously.  I guess it's a bit dangerous for a 21 year old to bob up and down on a horse. :)

These 2 make quite the team for entertaining the rest of us.

Poor kid is worn out.

That Sunday, I sneaked away from Riverton to visit my dear friend Nicole.  NOW, I LOVE THIS GIRL! We were such good friends and she kind of saved my life the semester I got home from my mission.  She's wonderful and it was so fun to see her! She just recently got back from her mission in Chile.

We also hopped over to Uncle Wilford's place to say hi and show off to the girlies across the street.

Another fun thing I got to do in Utah was attend the Bridal shower of my BFF from high school.  Dear Carla Hedengren!  We also roomed together our freshman year at BYU and have some great memories that I will never forget.  I absolutely love her.  She just recently got home from her mission as well from Minneapolis.  But I didn't take a picture, SILLY!  But here she is with her sweetheart :) 

Now to Washington (The blessed place)

Nate and Christian became best buds

And he loved being with Grandma

He was sick for, not joking, 5 weeks!  Poor kid.

I got bit by who knows what, but it did some weird things to my foot.

We went skiing in the wee hours of the morning (My dad's most favorite time.)  
Is that river not GORGEOUS? I love it there.

Christian slaloming (how did he get so good?)

Oh yeah...Dad taught him.  (By the way I think I should submit this picture to a "Tour Richland" magazine or something.

I also slalomed (which is a miracle) but got a pretty nasty bruise from it.

Steve also went skiing and did an excellent job.  He passed the Burrup test!

We went to the rodeo in Hermiston and had a blast.  We also ate yummy fair food there :)

Nate loved playing outside in the yard

And Christian taught him a thing or two

Aunt Julie served her mission in Thailand and is famous for her Thai food.  So we asked her to show us how to make it and it was so much fun!  We had a blast making it with her.  She's wonderful.

 I think Christian looks mighty handsome in this picture...ladies!

We stayed at the Crawford's cabin near Spokane for a few nights.  It was such a fun cabin.  I wish we could have spent more time there.  These boys had a lacrosse tournament, so of course, they chose to sleep out where they could get lots of rest.  It so happened to be the night of a meteor shower as well.  Amazing!

I love anything in water.

The reason we were in Spokane is because I went to my dear friend, Sadie Lee's wedding.  It was beautiful!  She was beautiful! We were roommates when i did a semester in Nauvoo and she is the most loyal friend I have ever had.  I love that girl.  I am SOOOOO totally bummed that my phone was dead that night and so no pictures!  But lots were taken, so hopefully I can get some someday.  It was fun to catch up with her and with our other roommate, Diane.

Wow, that's not even all the details.  
But before you fall asleep like this:

I'll end by saying this summer was awesome.  I am so incredibly blessed with amazing family and good friends. I am so grateful that we live in a time that has the technology to make travel so convenient! I love that I can go from one end of the country to the next and stop in between, without too much hassle.  We are indeed blessed!

Well, we are safely back in Virginia and getting back to real life....but I'll save those details for another day :)