Monday, May 13, 2013

The latest with Nate

This kid is the greatest.  He is so much fun and is a good big brother.  Here are some pictures to capture his personality and tell the story of what we've been doing with Dad home the past 2 weeks! 

He LOVES dogs

Still has the hobby of trying to fit in any space he can find.

He loves staring at her :)

And he tries to share his toys with her

Just giving his dog a train ride

Buff like Daddy

He loves his fruit!

He discovered bubbles and LOVES them

He also discovered my headphones...

He loves playing "Chop Chop Timber" It's a game my brothers and sisters and I made up growing up.  It's pretty much just falling on the bed after saying, "Chop chop, timber" (Please tell me you remember this game guys!)
He's been spending lots of time on the balcony since the weather has been nice.

Frying Pan park seeing all the animals!

This kept him busy for a few hours :)

This swing freaked him out.

Sloth bear at the zoo

I saw this guy vomit that green stuff...and then lick it up, Yuck!

Gardens at Mt. Vernon

Just chilling in George Washington's backyard

These two are best friends

Curious George! 

Aren't they cute?!

Pictures of the babe

Life is wonderful with these two in our home.  We love them SO much and they love each other already :)  Nate is adjusting well and Aubrey is an incredibly good baby so far.

I'll just get to what I know you all want: PICTURES

She's got the "goofy face" picture pose down!

What mother doesn't LOVE a picture of her baby napping with Daddy?

She's usually a happy baby, but even her sad face is adorable :)

I just can't get enough of these two sitting in this chair together!

Shout out to Jenni Merrill for the cute skirt!  It's kind of tucked up funny in the picture, but she looked SO cute in it!  

Another adorable sad face.  And can I brag for a moment?  That headband is made with felt and the top of white knee-highs!  Woot, I'm a crafty mom!

Sleeping Beauty!

I get to stare back at that gorgeous face!

She actually loves her tummy time

This is one of my favorites!

Gassy smile...

And the FOR REAL smile :)

There she is!  Miss Aubrey!  We love her like crazy.  6 weeks old this week!