Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The little people in our house

I've been slacking on the blogging for a while and I thought I would just update everyone on the happenings in the life of an almost 1 year old and a 2.5 year old. 

I'll start with Nate:

He's getting handsomer as the days go by.

He's still not sick of his train track, his puzzles, or his barn! Win for us, I hope he plays with those forever!

He LOVES music. He asks for "kid songs" all the time.  He's starting to sing along too!

He loves his cousins across the street.  

He's quite the chatter box.  If you don't live with him, you might not see that yet...he totally shuts off his chatter when we're around other people.  At home, though, he talks my ear off all day long. It's so fun hearing him use words.  The other night he woke up yelling, "enough scared! Enough scared!" During breakfast I asked if he had a scary dream.  He told us that he saw monsters. He then describes his monsters as sleeping yellow porcupines.....?

He loves being outside and is becoming very independent. He rarely wants to sit in the stroller, "Walk self!" and he doesn't let me hold his hand much anymore :(

He loves his letters!

He's a good big brother most of the time. We're still working on the fact that everything in the house does not belong to him and only him :)  He's getting there!

Now for you to behold our cute redhead with your eyes--

Now for my Aubrey:

This girl has an awesome personality and it's really starting to show. 

She has 5 teeth, 2 bottoms and 3 up top.

She's a walker!

She's got the best dance moves, especially when we encourage her.

She adores her big brother and will giggle anytime he pays attention to her.

She loves vegetables, yay!

She's a cuddler. When she's in the mood she'll wrap both arms around your neck super tight and just hug you till she's done. I love it, until she pulls my hair. She loves pulling hair. 

She's a climber and will climb on everything! She gets up on the table, the toilet, the couch, the desk...

She brings so much joy into our home. I love this little ball of happy energy!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring Break

This past week was spring break.  We had planned to go to Niagara Falls because we found an awesome Groupon.  But when the weather forecast was below 15 degrees, we thought that travelling 7 hours to walk around in freezing weather with 2 young kids may not be the wisest thing to do.  So we looked more on Groupon and found another great in Hershey, PA.  Let me tell you people--It was awesome. It's only 2 hours from us and we had a blast. Let me tell you all about it with pictures, of course :)

We swam in the hotel pool every day, which we had all to ourselves.
Aren't their suits cute, by the way?  I've waited since the end of last summer to put those cute things on them :)

"This whole bed is mine?!!!"

A dream come true

I'm a mint lover. Junior mints and York...yum!

I kind of wish that was real.  It's a piggy bank.

We watched the 4D movie available.  It was okaaaaaay. Not worth the money though.  Nate was terrified by the talking candy bars. 

The free ride to see how Hershey's Milk chocolate was made.  Nate is still talking about the singing cows. 

We spent a lot of time in a "Unique toys and games" store. There were some cool toys there. We also found a 32,000 piece puzzle. 32,000 pieces!!!!!! 

The start of our Indian Echo Caverns tour. It was really cool.
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Our groupon included this chocolate tasting tour. We had 6 different chocolates from around the world. One was amazing, a couple were okay, and a couple were NASTY.
The museum told the history of Milton Hershey (he's kind of an incredible guy) and the history of hershey chocolate. I wish they still sold cute boxes of chocolate like this!



Such a fun place! The kids loved it and we got free ice cream! I have to add that it wasn't just a sample of ice cream, we got as much as we wanted!  And I'm kind of obsessed with ice cream, so you better believe I had more than I am willing to admit :) And I loved every bit of it!

Nate's favorite

Well there you have it--a wonderful spring break! We sure are going to miss having these long breaks when school is over and real working life begins.