Sunday, February 3, 2013

31 Weeks

I'm getting bigger and bigger and these weeks cruise by.  These pictures are from 30 weeks and 31 weeks.

This pregnancy has been really good to me.  My feet haven't been as swollen as they were with Nate and I'm not as tired as I was with him either.  It's kind of awesome.  She is super active though, my tummy is almost always rolling--it's like a massage from the inside out :) We're starting to get excited that April is only 2 months away!

Old and New Professional Family Pictures

The Photographer at Mel's wedding took some awesome pictures.  I was happy that she not only took pictures of the entire family, but of our individual family too.  And guess what...I absolutely love them!  So here they are:

I love this child.  Doesn't he look like a little man?

Don't mind my swollen pregnant ankles...

I love being a part of this family!  I wasn't particularly excited that the photographer had the pregnant lady sitting down in front (no one who feels fat wants to sit in the front row!)....but that's okay.  I like the picture and the good looks of everyone else is what people will see first anyways :)

Isn't this picture awesome?!!!  I love it!  Lucky kids to have Grandma and Grandpa Merrill

For Christmas my parents gave us all a CD of the pictures we took a while ago.  Nate was a newborn baby, so they're not necessarily up to date, but they are so cute anyways!

My mom and dad...Aren't they cute?

So Nate slept through the entire photo shoot, but with that white blanket, I think he looks like a little angel baby!

The Burrup clan.  I. Love. These. People.

This second group of pictures were taken by Billie Grimmitt.  She's the one who did our wedding pictures.  I like her a lot.  She's located in Richland and her website is HERE if anyone from Washington is looking for a good one :)   


Nate has been learning so many things lately and I love seeing him do what he sees us do.  He recently has picked up the folding arms thing when we pray.  I love it!  Sweet boy will hurry and fold his arms when we put food on the table.  And depending on how tired he is at night, he usually will sit down and fold his arms.  On rare occasions he pretends to close his eyes too :)  Here is a video so you can see:

Our "NEW" apartment

So, we've been having trouble with Nate's sleeping since...he was born.  And we've tried some things and finally we decided that the closet just wasn't the place for him (it really is big though...I promise we didn't cram him into a creepy little closet.)  Since we live in a one bedroom apartment, we just decided to make it a two bedroom with a bit of creativity.  We moved our bed to the dining room and made a wall with a big bookcase.  We moved the dining room table into the living room.  Sounds crazy, right?  Let me show you pictures because it actually turned out AWESOME :)

 Here is the double bookcase that we got from craigslist (amazing find!)  The lady bought it for $500 and it's still in perfect condition, not even a scratch! And we got it for FREE! See that fan back there?  That was over our table, but now it's above our bed. So our bedroom is a bit crowded, but not that bad at all. I LOVE the bookcase.

See.  Plenty of space on both sides :)

Sorry it's a bit messy with coats, shoes, and chairs...we haven't done our clean up before bed yet...
But this is our new living room.  I still need to place the pictures in new places, they don't really match the positioning of our furniture anymore.

And here is our dining room (I just turned around from the previous picture, it's all just one big room)

Isn't it lovely?  I really like it, more than I thought I would.  And the best part of it is that Nate has been sleeping from 8-7:30, without waking up in the middle of night.  Miracle!