Friday, March 15, 2013

Before we were adults

I was missing these people today.  So I looked through all the old pictures I have of my family.  I don't have a lot on my computer because I didn't have a digital camera until later.  But these will still entertain those of you who know these wonderful folk :)

This is from a family reunion at Bear Lake.  This was the fear factor game... 

I will always love this picture.

Thanksgiving in Riverton.  We all look a little goofy here :)

When our dear friend, Shannon, got baptized.  I just love Christian's face here.

Family snowboarding trip.  

Jon's hair.... 

To this day I take pride in drawing that mustache on his face with eyeliner.

Good memories with these two

I hope my boys look just like this cute kid.

Doesn't that Laurel grin make you happy?

I love this girl!  And I miss her!

Burrup tradition: chips with guacamole or with salsa/cream cheese. 

Camping trip (Right before Mike and Kirsten got engaged :)

My cute bros. 

Someday I'll scan in all my oldy oldies and that'll be a blast sharing :)  Every once in a while I get a little reminiscent of the "before we were big kid days" and I miss my brothers and sisters!  One of the best things about growing up though is we just keep adding wonderful people.  We love Mike, Tanner, and Austin, and Steve and Nate, and Nicole.  And whoever snatches Laurel when she comes home from her mission will be the luckiest and the smartest man alive.  And Christian will himself quite the lady someday too.  I can't wait to see where we're all at in 5-10 years.  

Love you guys!

Monday, March 11, 2013

One more month!!!

We are getting closer to the due date and I am anxious to sleep on my tummy again.  
I am 36 weeks as of yesterday!

Here is the latest belly photo:

Spring Break!

Spring Break was last week and we had so much fun!  We wanted to go to New York, but it was a little bit expensive to stay there.  We found a place in Atlantic City, NJ that is part of my parents Worldmark thing (timeshare thing) and it was half way to New York.  We stayed for a whole week!  It was nice to be together with no homework or other responsibilities.  

If you don't know anything about Atlantic City, it's sort of the Vegas of the east coast.  It's famous for its boardwalk.  It was a bit different than we expected.  I'm sure the summer is a bit more lively, but it was kind of a ghost town while we were there.  The beach of course was empty, but the boardwalk wasn't busy at all.  Maybe everyone was gambling....and we were the only family there to enjoy the cold windy weather by the ocean :)  It was an enjoyable vacation despite the windy rainy weather.   

Now for the pictures to explain/show what we did:

This is on the balcony of Caesar's Plaza (the mall).  

I loved this.  It was a water show that went off every hour and had lights and music and was pretty intense.  We saw it more than once :) 

Our first day, freezing on the beach.
Nate loved chasing/running away from the waves.
Dave and Nikki joined us for a few days! We had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe.  The kids were a little nervous about that gorilla behind us.  
Aren't they so cute!
We had an indoor swimming pool.  Nate loved the hot tub.
The famous AC Boardwalk.  We walked along there almost every day. 
Cute little family, huh?  And....they will be adding a little boy in July!

Who needs a double stroller?
 We spent a day in Philidelphia

Waiting for the Independence Hall Tour

The Liberty Bell

At Love Park.  Maybe this is famous and I'm out of the loop...but I thought it looked cool.  Mac and Cheese?


Having our Phili Cheesesteaks! The fries were awesome.

Should I make a postcard?  This was the view of Atlantic City from our window at sun down

The 3rd tallest lighthouse in the US.  

Nate LOVED the aquarium.  It was small, but there was enough fish to keep the kid  busy.

We touched those "sharks"

Just taking a rest.  I think they are so cute when they sit side by side. Nate really is a happy kid, he just doesn't smile for the camera.

We traveled to New York City for the day!  

Staten Island Ferry!

The Statue of Liberty was closed due to Hurricane Sandy damage.  So this is as close as we could get.  I LOVE THIS PICTURE.  They are best buddies.

The 9-11 WTC memorial.  The museum isn't open yet, but it'll be amazing when construction is finished.

Coolest Toys R Us ever.  There's a Ferris Wheel inside.

These guys pretty much forced us to take a picture and then didn't give me enough change back.  Someday I'll learn...

Time Square

M&M World.  (I look totally bundled up because I am.  Sweater, 2 coats, was FREEZING!)
Lastly...The LION KING.  Was it amazing?  Absolutely.  Is it worth it?  Totally.  I was almost crying during the Circle of Life song.  We had a friend of a friend babysit Nate so we could go :)

Well, that sums up our vacation!  It was wonderful.  We had a great time.  I feel so blessed to have these 2 boys!  And I'm so glad we could get out and do a vacation before baby girl comes.  
Thanks to my mom and dad who helped make it happen too :)  Life is so good.