Saturday, October 19, 2013

My two favorite little people

Nate and Aubrey are a lot of fun.  They crack me up.  I'll update you on their new things and then I'll post probably close to 1,000 pictures :)

  • He'll be TWO in 9 days!
  • This kid is quite the chatterbox!  Some of my favorite phrases are "One more!"  He says it about 5 times while shaking his finger at me.  
  • He's got some major hops.  He can jump higher than me I think
  • He loves the park and wants to go several times a day
  • He's obsessed with breakfast
  • He's been really into Word World lately.  It's a silly show, but he likes it
  • He's starting to recognize some letters, shapes, and colors
  • He still loves animals and their sounds
  • 6 months old
  • She's crawling!
  • She's pulling herself up to stand next to furniture, at the wall, in her crib.  She's more determined than any child I've ever met.
  • She is still smiley smiley and giggles at everything
  • She loves balls.  I foresee a soccer player!
  • She loves eating her pureed food :)
  • She somehow always finds my phone and gets this look of victory on her face every time
  • ADORES her big brother!
Now for a picture overload :)  Some of these are from a while back.

Nate LOVES his daddy.

This was an accident...but it made me laugh out loud

I'm betting she can beat him up


With her buddy, Bennet

My little helper.  He loves her.

I'm so sad this is blurry because this is the classic Aubrey face.

She loves licking this window...?


Love living close to these two cousins!

Nate loves the new balcony

This happens when naps are neglected

Don't judge me for having them on the counter.... 

We put seeds out there to attract birds and this is what we got.

There you have it....a little snippet of The Merrill Way of Life :)