Monday, July 9, 2012

Arizona Adventures

Here are a few pictures from our latest adventures, plus some cute Nate pictures because let's be honest, he is so stinkin' cute :)

He LOVES swimming and Emily put those cute goggles on him and he thought he was the coolest thing alive.

He is a smiley smiley smiley child

I'm not sure where it came from but he has started growling a ton.  Sometimes it's a little growl, other times he's roaring like a lion.  It's real funny, I need to get it on video.

We've been to the splash park a few times and Nate really likes it. 

Nicholas Porter (a cousin) came home from his mission in Canada and we all had some fun with this mustaches during the dinner after church. 

I so wish this wasn't blurry

Grandpa can settle him down when no one else can.

My big boy sitting in a big boy chair!

Came home from an early morning jog and found this.  Both were sound asleep.

He looks like a little chinese baby, but I love this cheeser smile he always does!

Classic Nate face: "What? I'm innocent and wouldn't do a thing like that!"

More splash park fun with his Aunts

We went to a Freedom Festival thing and it was fun.  This huge pink chair was there :)

As was this awesome fire engine

This kid is beginning to be a little too adventurous.  Look at all those bumps, bruises, and scratches.

Wahoo, he can hold his own bottle :)

Climbing on everything.

There you have it.  Life is good.  We are happy.  Nate is getting big and is SO fun.

Trip to Utah :)

We are totally loving our time in Arizona with our Merrill family.  We are starting to get sad that the time has gone so quickly and we're down to our last few weeks!!  Steve still loves his job working with the firm and is learning a lot.  It's been a good experience and a huge blessing to us.

So the family planned a trip to Utah and I was planning on staying in AZ with Steve.  I didn't want to leave him here alone.  But...last minute I decided to go.  I thought it would be good for me to bond with the family and I know everyone was dying to travel 10 hours in the car with a baby :)  Hehe...Nate actually did a FABULOUS job traveling.  I totally missed my Steve-o and so did Nate, but in the end I'm glad I went and spent time with my amazing Merrill fam.  Once again I didn't take as many pictures as I wish I would have, but I did take quite a few. 

We stopped at the Grand Canyon on our way and it was GORGEOUS!  

Wilford, Jenni, Mike, Emily, and I went to Lagoon and it was a total blast.  Mom, Dad, and Mel hung out with Nate all day, which was super nice of them :)  Jenni and I didn't match on purpose, we're just cool.

I did get to hook up with my Burrup family a little while there :)  Jon and Nicole have a cool new scooter.

They just moved so Nate and I "helped" unpack their things :)

Ben works at Aspen Grove and we got to spend a night there and enjoy the mountains :)  What a super cool place it is!  We had a lot of fun playing games and being together.  Nate is becoming a little too confident.  He just took off on his own as if he owned the mountain.

Nate LOVES all his aunts and uncles.  They all are good at cuddling that boy up and getting him to fall asleep.  I'm just not talented enough to get pictures of all of them.  Wilford was the lucky one to get the pic this time :)