Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Steve + Janae = .......

One evening we were bored...and so we found a morph website and morphed our faces together.  It really does look like Steve and really does look like me...weird! 

I was pleased that this boy/girl/it turned out to be an attractive creation (thank you handsome Steve :))

Friday, May 13, 2011


It's starting to warm up! We started our summer a bit before the weather did, but we had fun doing it :)

We went to the baseball game even though it was raining and very very cold outside.  We played Gonzaga and got killed. But we had a good time anyways :)

 These are all from an FHE we did with Jon and Nicole.  We were going to go on a hike, but everything was still closed for the winter.  We were like 2 days early or something.  So we just had some fun at a park by the river goofing off. I'm sad we won't be in Provo with them after they get married, but at least we get them for the summer :)

I was really struggling to jump high....
This is my personal favorite :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First Mother's Day

This blog is for both of us, but I like to use it mostly to brag about how awesome Steve is :)  I love him and he is so good to me.  This was our first mother's day together and it's fun since we have a little baby coming in November.  One of my more selfish fears about having a baby is that I'll lose my love for sports...or maybe not that I'll lose the love, but that my body just won't be able to handle it and my new responsibilities won't let me have time to play sports.  Being active with whatever sport has always been my thing--several intramurals a semester, running, random racquetball or tennis games, pick-up bball, football, or soccer at family reunions...there's so much!  Well we've been wanting to add a softball to sports bucket we have in the back so we can play catch. So he gave me some softballs with a sweet note about his commitment to me and his commitment to help me so I can keep the athleticism as part of my life and a part of our children's lives. Sweet boy huh?  I loved it and I love him.  I hope every girl out there finds a man like Steve Merrill :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A tribute to our beautiful mothers!

 Some things I love about my mother:
  • She teaches the gospel to her children and shares her testimony with them
  • She knows how to work hard
  • She continuously sacrifices for her family
  • She is always willing to listen
  • She is fun to be with
  • Her laugh
  • Her smile
  • Her cooking

Some things I love about my mother:
  • She LOVES everyone 
  • Her sense of humor (wittiest woman on earth)
  • She's always looking for opportunities to serve
  • She's the best goal setter there is
  • She can make ANY situation a fun one
  • Her determination motivates me to be better
  • She is a genuine friend to everyone
  • She's devoted to the Lord and setting a good example for us
I love my mom!  I want to be just like her :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Merrill baby is growing

Here we are at almost 14 weeks.  It's getting bigger :)
It's strange, some days I already feel HUGE and then the next day I'll feel completely back to normal.  
This baby might be a trickster :)