Friday, March 30, 2012

The random updates all in one post

These could all be separate blog posts...but I'm not very good at consistent record keeping. So, you get to enjoy a list of random things happening in our life out here in Virginia :)

  • Church basketball has been fun.  Our women's team plays in the championship tonight.  I played both Wednesday and Thursday night and am loving exercise in the way it should be--as sports!
  • Steve had a big paper due along with an oral argument last week.  I'm happy that he's had more time to play with me this week :)
  • My little sister, Laurel, got her mission call to Las Vegas!  She'll be speakin' spanish and leaves on May 16.  It's perfect timing because Steve's last final is on May 3, so we actually get to go to WA and spend some time with her before she leaves. 
  • Nate has turned into a screamer.  He has learned to scream at the top of his lungs when he wants something.  Not just a little baby scream...a death scream.  (Any ideas of how to teach a 5 month old not to do that???)
  • I bought some summer clothes for Nate at my favorite thrift store: Unique.  This store is awesome.  I wish everywhere had one.  He doesn't have many 6-9 month clothes, so I was able to get some CUTE stuff.  I love dressing a cute little child :)
  • My old roommate Caitlyn Vernon moved out to Virginia.  That now makes 3 of us from my last apartment who are out here.  Ginny and her husband are here too.  So, we got together and went on a little Potomac cruise to see the cherry blossoms.  And finished the day off with a scrumptious cupcake from Georgetown cupcakes.  YUM!  I will definitely be taking Steve there sometime.
  • I am now into the SEVENTH Harry Potter book.  Proud of me?  You should be.  I don't think I've read a book for fun since...I was 12.  Becoming a mom has helped me read more :)  
  • My birthday is in a week and a half!  Yeah!
  • Because of this birthday being my 26th birthday...I will no longer enjoy the health insurance I've been able to mooch off my parents. *sigh*
  • Steve has been exercising more lately, and is getting quite buff may I add. 
  • We are still very consistent with following the Biggest Loser.  They did zumba last week...and it made me want to try it.  
  • It's General Conference weekend and we are so excited to hear the Prophet speak to us!
I think that may be it for now.  Overall, we are still as happy as can be and loving life :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Best laughing videos ever

Don't mind our messy house...we did laundry and still hadn't finished putting things away.  All three videos are  of the same thing, but I just couldn't choose a favorite. 

Please don't judge us and think we're bad parents for throwing socks at his head, but at least he loved it :)

He's getting bigger and cuter every day!

This last video isn't anything super special, I just think he looks so old here :)

We are loving this boy more and more each day.  He really is such a fun boy to have around and a HUGE blessing to us :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Livin' the History!

 It so happened to be Spring Break last week!  It was wonderful to have Steve all to myself 24/7 (I guess I shared him with Nate too, but that's okay)
We decided to take a trip to learn some good history.  We left Thursday morning and went straight to Yorktown.  We loved it.  When it comes to history...I don't really know anything.  I regret not paying attention in history classes all through school.  So, I learned a lot.  Yorktown is famous for the surrender of a British army under General Cornwallis which secured independence for the United States. It was really cool to read the history, but also to see the cannons and other weapons used and see the trenches they dug.  It's amazing they actually fought battles like that.

Yorktown Battlefield and Yorktown Victory Center


Friday morning we went to Colonial Williamsburg, which was awesome.  If any of you are familiar with Nauvoo, it's very similar.  Lots of buildings full of history and people dressed up to explain the significance of each building.  We could have spent more time there than we did.  Guess we'll have to go back :)

Colonial Williamsburg

Saturday was spent in Jamestown, which I think might have been my favorite. :) It was America's first permanent English colony (13 years before the pilgrims arrived).  Captain John Smith was the leader of the colony.  So...of course that means Pocahontas was there too!  

Jamestown Settlement and Historic Jamestown


I could have spent a ton of time there.  The museum was amazing and I wish I could have read everything. 

It went by quickly but was a blast to be together.  We got pretty lucky with decent weather and sunshine.  I'm glad we got to take off for a few days.  We will hopefully be going back because there is a big roller coaster park close by that wasn't opened yet.  We will be visiting that someday :)