Sunday, June 12, 2011

The half way point!

The mommy and the daddy...:)
Here we are starting out week #20!!!  This is a big week for us because come Thursday we'll find out if we have a him or her :)  It'll be so nice to not have to call our baby it.  Some women say they just know it's a boy or it's a girl...I have no idea.  I've had dreams about having a girl and dreams about having a boy.  I'll be happy with either :)  Deep down inside Steve wants it to be a boy, but if it turns out to be a girl, I'm sure he'll be thrilled and no doubt she'll be a daddy's girl.  So we'll update later on this week!  I finally started feeling the baby move inside of me.  There's been a couple of days where I felt little kicks all day long.  Ever since I was a baby I wiggled my foot.  My parents teased me about it and I still to this day wiggle my foot.  Steve is so good to put up with a wiggling foot throughout the entire night :)  Maybe this child will have the same thing...haha...I swear it taps me nonstop.  It's such a miracle to think about a developing child inside of me.  What a blessing it is to be able to participate in something as sacred and special as this.

Championship Softball Game

Women's softball championship goes to PRONTO!  We were so excited to win.  I wanted one more of those t-shirts before I left BYU and this was my last chance.  Thank you team for being so good and letting someone not so good, like me, tag along for the ride :)  It was fun to play a little this summer.  We played the Thundercats in the championship game, which is the team that wins every intramural sport.  They're stacked with BYU athletes, but we pulled forward and beat them :) And if you know anything about BYU intramurals, you know that we'll do anything to get one of those t-shirts.  My life feels more complete because I now have two! 

Our coach/biggest fan :)  He's so cute.

Friday, June 3, 2011

18 weeks and feeling large already

So we find out in about a week and a half our little baby's gender :)  We are so excited!  I am feeling bigger and bigger and am now unable to wear some of my pants! It's a bitter sweet feeling :) These pictures are just a few days apart. 

A weekend of bliss!

We got to go the Washington for Memorial Day weekend.  It went with Jon and Nicole (her first Washington visit) and Kirsten and Mike met us there.  It was wonderful to be everyone.  We missed Laurel who happens to be "studying" in Mexico for the spring term.  But come July, the whole family will be together and we are pretty excited for that. I haven't been home since we got married, since Christmas was in California.  We've seen Mom and Dad a lot in Utah, but there is just something special about going home and seeing your neighbors and smelling your house, and sleeping in your bed, and eating the best of Mom's masterpieces for 4 days :) Ahhh, home sweet home!

2 beautiful boys who love each other :)  It was so fun to be with these guys this weekend.  They are growing up fast and I'm amazed at how smart they are!  Really are little men :)

This is what the men do when the women are gone...RISK

This is what the women do when the men play risk :) For Nicole's birthday Mom took us.  It was fun and we're hoping it'll stay for Jon and Nicole's wedding. Starting at the bottom you see my toes (cute eh?) then to the left we have Mom's, then Kirsty-pie's, then Nicole's.  Cute toed women to woo our men :)

Handsome, aren't they? Kirsten and I did quite well :) 

I love this guy!  One of the coolest :) He's an awesome slalomer I found out.  We miss him and had fun spending the weekend with him. 

SOOOO happy to be on my river!

Goin' with the boys.  They loved it :)  I think Kirsten and I were more scared than them because we knew how cold that water actually was.

I love him. 

Nicole can officially become a Burrup--she learned to slalom :) She was the bravest of us all I think.  That water was cold! But she got up pretty quick! Love that girl!

Adventures!--flat tire!  It was already pretty late, but we found a 24-hour truck repair. There we met a man with a hook for a hand and heard all kinds of weird stories from the man who ended up not being able to fix our tire.  It was pretty exciting.  He did fill our spare up with air and we stayed the night at my mom's uncle Tom's house.  Haha...what a night.