Friday, April 11, 2014

Aubrey turned ONE!

My baby is one! 

This little lady is full of energy.  Happiness just radiates from her face when she smiles.  She smiles all the time...but with rarely do it for the camera! I try so hard, but the moment she sees the camera or phone she gets this look on her face that makes her look like she's bored all the time. She really is happy and it's incredible to me how much joy one tiny person can bring into a home!

She loves:
Being outside
Pulling hair
Her big brother

Basically everything...

This is proof that she does have hair! YAY! Now if she'd just grow some in front so I could put clips in it!

This baby got her daddy's pretty blue eyes. When she smiles, they just sparkle :)

I had the chair in there to get some supplies in the high cupboard. I left for a minute and she had climbed up and helped herself to some cupcakes.  Happy Birthday, girl!

Yay, her very own snack cups so she doesn't steal all the other kids' cups!

We had some friends over for cupcakes.  It wasn't quite the frosting all over the face cake smash I had hoped for, but I guess with only a cupcake I can't expect much.

She did enjoy it though :)

I just think she's a lovely child :) Especially in this dress from my sister Laurel. She got it in Mexico. Doesn't she look like a doll?

She quite the speedster. She just trots along wherever we go. She LOVES walking around outside.

She is so much fun and just a delight to have in our life. We love our little Aubster :)